We offer a wide range of Educational Workshops to help Malaysians build and maintain a garden they desire!
1. How to Sow Seeds

We teach you how to successfully germinate seeds for various plants. Small salad seeds, Medium nightshade seeds, larger bean seeds. And rhizomes, like ginger and turmeric

2. Composting

We teach you how to save the organic waste from your kitchen and garden and prevent it from going to landfill, by turning it into amazing compost. It does not matter if you live in a appartment of house, we will provide a solution for you

3. How to Mix Soil and Plant a Pot / Container Garden

Learn how to mix your own soil blends for different plants and herbs. Also, what is the correct way to plant in pots and containers so your plants get the right amount of water / drainage / nutrients

4. How to Make a Wicking Bed

Learn how to make a self watering planter. Ideal for apartment balkanise as well as large garden spaces. Perfect for the lazy gardener.

5. How to Build a No-Dig Garden

Learn how to mimic the rainforest and build a No dig garden in containers of in garden beds