Raised Garden Beds

Taking the backache out of the backyard

For many, gardening would be way more fun, and more people would be more inclined to take up gardening if there wasn’t the need for all that back-breaking hard work such as digging. It may be a surprise to many people, but digging isn’t an absolutely necessary part of gardening at all.

Ground Control Sdn Bhd believes a great backyard doesn’t have to mean a great backache. Our ‘No Dig” and “Raised Bed” garden solutions make sustainable gardening easier by taking your back out of your backyard.

The Grow Tong is a long-lasting galvanized steel garden edge that enables you to set up a ‘No-Dig’ edible garden in your space instantly.

Why No-Dig

Ground Control’s No-Dig system mimics the ground soil of the rainforest. The process involves layering your raised bed in a ‘lasagne’ style ; stratified layers of cardboards, dry leaves, cow dung and green organic materials which, over time, breaks down into perfect growing soil.

We at Ground Control encourage No-Dig solutions, not just because it gets fantastic results quickly, but because it ensures great quality soils for now and into the future as the layered elements decompose and compost.

Ground Control Grow Tongs and Grow Slabs


Our Grow Tongs are long-lasting galvanized steel garden edge that enables you to set up a ‘No-Dig’ edible garden in your space instantly.

Our Grow Tongs come flat-packed, in modular pieces that can be transported in the boot of your car or we can deliver and even set them up for you.

Sizes Available :

  • 90cm (Round) x 40cm (height)
  • 60cm x 180cm (Oblong) x 40cm (height)

Similar to the Grow Tong, Grow Slabs are hardy concrete versions that slot together ‘Tetris-like’ in a versatile way that allows shape and size variations for your raised bed.

Sizes Available :

  • 65cm x 65cm x 23cm
  • 65cm x 104cm x 23cm
  • 104cm x 104cm x 23cm
  • 104cm x 208cm x 23cm


All You need is a little space to grow

Assess and measure your space - this will help in determining if your space can accommodate your Grow Tongs / Grow Slabs.

Locate any level and firm ground surface that receives adequate sunlight for plant growth. Edible plants usually need more sunlight than ornamental plants; so make sure the space gets at least 4 hours of morning sun. 

Make sure you have access to water.
This can be either a water pipe, or a rainwater tank.

Ask yourself how much vegetables you want to grow.
This will determine how much space and time you require.