Diglings Neem Oil (Cold Pressed)
Diglings Neem Oil (Cold Pressed)
Diglings Neem Oil (Cold Pressed)
Diglings Neem Oil (Cold Pressed)


Diglings Neem Oil (Cold Pressed)

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Like olive oil, neem oil comes in different grades and prices. Diglings high-grade pure neem oil is cold-pressed from seeds of the neem tree with a high level of the active compound, Azadirachtin (3785 ppm). If you have not had good results with other neem oils, try this one for its higher efficacy.

• Effective organic control of insect predators and fungal diseases.
• Emulsified for easy mixing - no need to mix with soap water.
• Economical - one 200 ml concentrated bottle makes 60 litres of solution; 500 ml makes 150 litres of solution.
• Natural plant extract with organic sulfur, proteins, vitamins, glycerides and trace elements for improved plant health. Watch your plants green up and perk up within hours after drenching!

As a soil drench, dilute 1:300 (3 ml per litre water), and drench with a watering can once a week on leaves and roots. Gradually increase drenching volume as plant grows.

As a foliar spray, dilute 1:300 (3 ml per litre water), and spray until leaves are well coated. Spray every 3 days after 6 p.m., especially after rain.

Young and tender plants may be sensitive to neem oil - apply once and observe plant response before applying again.

Not all neem oil is effective as a soil drench. Ready-to-use neem oil sprays contain a different type of neem oil, and only work as sprays. Be sure to read the labels for instructions.

Azadirachta indica seed cold-pressed oil 85%.