Diglings Blossom Buddy
Diglings Blossom Buddy
Diglings Blossom Buddy
Diglings Blossom Buddy


Diglings Blossom Buddy

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Do you observe that plant problems usually start at the lower or older part of the plant?

Fruiting plants require additional potassium (K) when they start flowering and fruiting. If there is a K shortage at this stage, potassium moves from the lower (older) leaves to meet the extra K requirement of the fruits higher up the plant. This nutrient exodus from the lower leaves lead to yellowing, wilting, pest or disease, which explains why problems usually start at the lower part of the plant.

The classic early sign of K deficiency is burnt leaf tips on the lower (older) leaves, as seen in the attached photos of a tomato and eggplant.

Therefore, if at the onset of flowering and fruiting, you observe sudden signs of yellowing, wilting, pest or disease on the lower leaves, this may indicate a K deficiency. A lack of potassium at this critical stage may cause:
* Flower and fruit drop.
* Low resistance to pest and disease.
* Poor fruit yield, size and flavour.

Diglings Blossom Buddy delivers quick-release potassium for the critical flowering and fruiting stage of the plant.

* Delivers quick- release, highly-available potassium for the potassium-hungry fruiting and seed-filling stage.
* Enhances yield, size, flavour, and pest resilience of fruits.
* Economical - one 500 ml concentrated bottle makes 250 litres of drenching solution.
* Easy to apply - as a soil drench or foliar spray.

Blossom Buddy is designed as an add-on to the base nutrition of the Lush Set. At the onset of flowers, add Blossom Buddy to each Lush application:
Week 1 - Lush One + Blossom Buddy
Week 2 - Lush Too + Blossom Buddy
Week 3 - Lush One + Blossom Buddy
Week 4 - Lush Too + Blossom Buddy
Repeat weekly.

As a soil drench, dilute 1:500 (2 ml per litre water) and drench on leaves and roots. Gradually increase drenching volume as plant grows. Soil drenching is my preferred method because it’s easy to do - simply dilute in a watering can and drench over the soil and leaves as if you are watering the plant.

As a foliar spray, dilute 1:200 (5 ml per litre water) and spray on both sides of leaves before 8 a.m. or after 6 p.m..

Potassium (K) 33%