To help Malaysians with a garden big or small, a sunny balcony or even simple window box to get outside and grow.


To assist seasoned gardeners grow the finest crops and encourage new gardeners with a successful and bountiful start.

The Garden - A garden is a place where people grow

Gardening is an activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It truly is a healthy hobby that’s good for your body and mind. Your garden can be large or a very small area – from a sprawling plot to an apartment balcony and even a flower pot, container or planter box.

The Dirty Little Secret - Psst, not everyone knows this

The secret to starting and maintaining a great garden where your plants flourish is simple – it's all about the soil. If you start your garden with the right foundation (barring pests and disease), you’ll find that your plants will inevitably grow well. We have even had clients tell us that their non-flowering plants have started to flower after Grow Delicious soil was added as top soil.

Great Gardens - Plant the seed of success with great soil

We produce great quality soils for all your gardening needs. These soils are produced in our own home garden facility in Port Dickson, and feature the right blends that work for multiple needs – top soil, potting mix, enhancers. The Grow Delicious soils also include our own home made composts.