Balcony Blend
Balcony Blend


Balcony Blend

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So you don’t have a garden, but you do have a balcony. When balcony gardening, there’s a few things to keep in mind;

  • It’s probably a covered area up there
  • It’s breezy up there
  • It's up there!

Balconies are usually covered areas where very little rain will be getting into your soil, so you need to be the watering system.

Because it’s breezy, what water your planted areas get will evaporate far quicker than at ‘ground level’. 

Because your balcony is off the ground, you need to carry all your supplies up to  your garden, so the lighter, the better.

Our Balcony Soil is mixed with just the right amount of perlite, so it’s moisture retention quality is far superior to ordinary soil. Perlite is also useful for keeping the soil structure loose and light. This means your plant roots can breath easier. In the gardening world, perlite is used to improve soil structure by providing moisture retention, excess water drainage and aeration and it’s the next best thing to compost for circulating air between the roots for strong, healthy plant growth.

Key Benefits
  •  Improves water drainage
  • Prevents soil water-logging
  • Gets your plants through extreme weather (protects plant roots from hot drying weather and keeps the soil cooler under the sun ideal for balcony conditions)
  • Allows your balcony plants to breath through the roots
  • Lighter than regular soil

  • Perfect for balcony garden uses
  • Ideal for small herb beds/window boxes
  • Small medium sized pots