Raw Organic Compost
Raw Organic Compost


Raw Organic Compost

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Compost needs no introduction. It is the ultimate soil conditioner for your garden. Add it to any poor or nutrient-depleted soil to build healthy soil Bursting with vital micro-organisms. It is the easiest way to improve soil fertility and increase nutrient uptake by plant roots. 

Even soil can die. Use Ground Control’s organic compost as the perfect natural soil conditioner to restore life and vigour to your soil. Add to your existing soil to create healthy soil, stronger plants and promote root growth.

Key Benefits
  • Helps to propagate stronger, healthier root and plant growth
  • Increases necessary organic carbon in the soil
  • Improves aeration and water dispersion
  • Increases nutrients and nutrient uptake
  • Provides vital micro-organisms for healthy plant growth
  • Improves resilience against disease and during extreme weather conditions
  • Helps keep soil temperatures more constant - cooler on the hottest days and warmer at night

  • As a soil improver/conditioner
  • As a top-up to existing soil
  • If you have nutrient-depleted soil
  • If your soil struggles to retain moisture
  • If you have sandy soil, improves soil structure and moisture retention
  • For clay and heavy soils, makes soil easier to dig and work with, more crumbly and less prone to flooding